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K modular camping house
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1,Wanjinlong multi- storey  is a modular house which width and length can be extended by adding number of 1820mm .

2, The heat insulated material can be EPS,PU or Rock wool.

3, The flooring system is concrete foundation.

4, All the components are standard and prefabricated with the advantage of assembling and disassembling easily.

5, Waterproof design of galvanized structure, fireproof and heat insulation material ensure the house to resist heavy wind load of 0.5KN/m2 and 7 degree seismic intensity.

6, The life span of the house is 15-20 years.

Block Diagram


The two layer

Two-story house building plans


Three housing building plans


Disassembly ground


Technical parameters
ordinal Master item Breakdown Monolayer (3K1-50) econd floor (3K2-50) Three (3k3-50)
1 Standard Width 3K+160 (K modulo1K=1820mm)
2 Length nK+160(n=4,5,640) nK+160(n=4,5,640)
3 Wall 3P1P=950mm 6P1P=950mm 9P1P=950mm
4 Corridor width / 1100mm
5 Interior clear 2685mm
Without ceiling size
(Without ceiling size)
(Without ceiling size)
6 Design Parameters Roof live load 50kg/ O
7 FloorCorridor live load / 200kg/ O
8 Wind load 0.45KN/ O(China Standard) 0.35KN/ O(China Standard)
9 Seismic intensity 7 Degrees
10 Structure portion Ground beam C80 type steel
11 Column DoubleC80 DoubleC80
A layer of column3*C80 type steel
12 Floor beam / Trussed girder (C80 type steel welding)
13 Floor beam / C60 type steel
14 Roof beams Herringbone Truss C60 type steel welding
15 Roof purlins C60 type steel
16 Stairs / C60 type steel weldingStepping using2.5mm,2.5mmThick embossed steel
17 Walk boards / 2.5mmThick embossed steel
18 Preservative treatment Exposed components: anti-rust paint + paint, non-exposed components: anti-rust paint
(Note: the exposed components including columns, corridors member, awning bracket, the rest of the non-exposed member)
19 Retaining part Wallboard 50mm double-sided color steel sandwich panel, the core material: rock wool
20 Roof panels 50mm corrugated double-sided color steel sandwich panel, the core material: rock wool
21 Floor / 15mm Plywood
22 Door Steel frame composite door, the specifications for the 960mm*2030mm, the core material: glass cotton
23 Window / PVC sliding window, specifications for the 1740mm * 950mm
24 Awning 50mm corrugated double-sided color steel sandwich panel, the core material: rock wool
25 Optional configuration Ceiling Gypsum board ceiling Mineral wool acoustic board ceiling1
26 Window The steel sash, specifications for 1740mm*950 mm, red, blue or white;
27 Door Steel double door, the specifications for the 1740mm*2030mm, red, blue or white;
28 ElectricalWater supply and drainage Program will provideDesign Construction

Reference Room



Outdoor View


Indoor View


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