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  Light Steel Villa
Light Steel Structure Villa
Light Steel Structure Villa
Light Steel Villa
Light Steel Structure Villa
Lightweight Steel Villa
Lightweight Steel Villa

Lightweight Steel Villa

 Villa adopts the rare Steel Structure frame in domestic. Today, the Steel Structure villa is a kind of international popular building form. The

70% advantages: Earthquake resistance, windproof, anticorrosion, fireproof, h heat insulation, sound-insulated, energy conservation and so on. Just from

the surface, the light Steel Structure villa provides rich modeling element with the wall panel, slope roof, window and door and so on. About house

structure, the Steel Structure villa provides the great standard width space, in order to leave the rich imagination to the design, from the

installation, the steel villa can intergrate a part of decoration into the industrial production chain, reduce the cost, and reduce the second approach

time and cost loss. From the equipment, it can provide the most advanced and complete facility with construction for the owner.



Flexible desigeEasy control cost,Short period and quick paid,No pollution,Good anti-seismic,more safe ,more flexible and save energy.

Villa construction process:


Light Steel Structure is very light.It is 1/5 of brick masonry structure and 1/6 of steel and concrete structure.That will cut cost in a large

scale.Light Steel Structure can use strip foundation, crawl space and basement etc.


The thickness of exterior wall is normally between 100-200mm. Due to thin wall body, use area of light steel housing can be 10%-15% more than

traditional consturuction. Useable dwslling area can be as high as 90%. interior space can be separated flexibly. Plumbing and wire line can be

installed in holes reserved through wall body or ceiling keel.We fill the wall body and roof grille with fiber glass heat insula-tion wool or heat

insulation board. We choose extruded insulation board or urethane heat insulation layer as exterior wall materials   to avoid phenomenon of cold bridge

in Steel Structure consturuction. Heat insulation and sound proof results of this light Steel Structure housing is hence bettr than that of traditional

brick masonry and concrete structure.


We use two ways to build roof system.To assemble on site light steel purline. To hoist and assemble prefabricated wall body and roof. In the first

method, we can build roof with complicated styles and with flexible layout. By the second one, we can build faster.


Floof is steel keel composite system with multi-ribbed structure.Space between two keel we conform-able with that of roof system. Over keel we cover

structure panel-flake board(OSB)after water-proof and corrup-tion-proof disposal.inside the floof and corrup-tion-proof disposal. Inside the floor is

heat insulation wool.

C type steel

Q235 or Q345 galvanized steel board,especially galva-nized layer can prevent effectively penetration of humidair, avoid phenomenon of corruption which

normally occurs to common steel material, hence extend service time of the structure. 

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